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How Our Lists Work
Collecting Original Work
We store the original articles of independent journalists. All of our listings are from journalists who do not work in PR or marketing. The work of these qualified professionals is monitored to locate where it is published, and republished, building a portfolio of a reporter’s interests and influence. Reporters registered here offer quality news guaranteed with a personal seal of quality - namely their byline.
A News Network to Trust
With all of the journalists registered here only working for publishers, it is a secure network that can be contacted knowing that stories offered will be treated professionally. Whether a member of the public looking for an independent journalist to cover your story fairly, or a publisher looking for a specialist to accept a commission, a profile here is the perfect way to connect. And with all registered members verified and accredited by their peers, this is a network you can trust.
Allowing Reporters To Secure Their Byline
We don't just profile our members, everyone registered here agrees to a code of conduct and we work together to build and expand our network of publishers at the same time as we strive to help the public bring their stories to the media. We include contact details for journalists, their preferred subjects and their main publishing venues. If you want to know whether a story is fake, a good first step is to check to see if the author in question has registered their byline with the Fourth Estate.
Journalists Focus On Journalism
We allow members to declare interests to encourage open reporting. Profiled members guarantee professional standards and in return we offer journalistic accreditation with a press card linked to a profile. Users of the site can see at a glance a bylined reporter’s influence and network. This is vital for independent journalism professionals looking to gain access and interviews, or to forge new contacts with commissioning editors.
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