Our Mission

The Fourth Estate Alliance, was set up to own and manage a software suite created with the aim of supporting a return to journalism basics.
This means a separation between church and state where reporting is about the story and not about fake news, sponsored content, vested interests or any of the other pressures that have so significantly damaged the profession. The Fourth Estate Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation serving and networking independent journalists. This page is a small part of that project, and aims to help journalist to build an independently verified portfolio to share with publishers and readers, and to help them get paid.

The site allows you to:
Read the original articles written by a specific journalist and follow where and how these were reproduced. In some cases articles offered are unique, unpublished material offering a complete picture of the journalists work.
Filter articles by subject, geography and media type to find out who is covering the news you care about, and who is publishing it.
View information made publicly available by a journalist, including contact data, social media links, and even declarations of interest for transparency purposes.
View data on the journalists who are making the most impact on the media landscape, including which articles are being most shared and republished.
Create alerts for news items by specific journalists or by all accredited and profiled journalists on specific topics.
Journalists control their own profiles, choosing what information to make public and adding published and unpublished works.
The Fourth Estate Alliance accredits profiled journalists who have been verified and have a proven track records of published items.
The Fourth Estate Alliance accepts feedback on published works by accredited journalists.

The Fourth Estate Alliance is an independent, non-commercial and non-partisan site. Our one objective is to support independent journalists to do independent journalism. We help them to gather together their work, document where it is published and share that information with members of the public and publishers. Articles are indexed by journalist - but you can also search by news outlet and key words, geography and media format. The Fourth Estate Alliance manages software that was first launched as a project in 2003 to help a small group of freelance writers work together. The current, upgraded version – which includes new features, such as suggesting similar articles and similar journalists – was expanded to tackle modern threats to journalism such as a lack of credibility. The full project it is due to go live this year.

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